Sourcing & Selling Products From China Online – What To Consider!

How to import from China to US

Extensive selection with affordability and quality, China has become an ultimate source of products. The multitudes of businesses are looking for sourcing, but the lengthy procedures can be overwhelming. There is an increased number of manufacturers offering a wide range of products while the language barriers affect direct sourcing.

No matter if you own a factory or a new startup as a of an entrepreneur, choosing the right approach to sourcing can help with increased profits. Adopting the right approach (maybe like Ali Baba) is all about avoiding the common mistakes and opting for the strategy that aligns with business needs and hones the available resources. We are sharing strategies on sourcing and sell products from China for any new small startup business 

Conduct Extensive Research for your niche

As we have already mentioned, there are hundreds and thousands of manufacturers offering different products. Many businesses think that they can make easy money selling things from China online, but the game isn’t that easy. One needs to gain insights about the market. For instance, the profit margins will be diminished if the niche you opt for is in high demand. Moreover, it would help if you considered the market demand for products.

After conducting research, you need to look at different products from the chosen niche and start sourcing & selling them on a small scale. In other words, select the niche and products that are aligned with your brand image.

Contact Factory Source

Once you have found the right manufacturers, it is time to dial their contact numbers. The contact details of manufacturers are readily available on Ali Baba. Once you find your desired manufacturers on the platform, you can text them and learn about their experience over the years. This information will help you line out the inefficient ones and makes a list of effective ones with good quality products and faster turnaround time.

You will get multiple offers, but to test their authenticity, ask them to send a sample at your business address. The reputable ones won’t hesitate, and the fraudulent won’t bother replying. Moreover, you will get to know their approximate delivery time and terms, which is essential for your online Shopify E-commerce business

Bargain is a must in China Guangzhou 

Every shopper bargains, and when it’s another business buying something from the manufacturer, the negotiation is promised. So, there can be multiple samples and offers, and once you have devised the best one, contact the relevant manufacturer, and negotiate the price with them. In this step, you need to create a win-win situation because you are undergoing a 1st phase of the partnership.

Hire A Business Sourcing Agent

Getting in business with the Chinese manufacturers can be pretty complicated, but hiring a sourcing agent can make your life easier and adhering to their business process. Negotiation and cultural barrier handled by expert, Moreover, make sure you are adding the engaging photos of the products along with well-written descriptions from manufacturers providing you items. The product description sheds light on the features of the product from many Shenzhen electronics suppliers.  For instance, the electronics product will have energy consumption, weight, coating, warranties, dimensions, and modes of input as the product description.

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