Drop Shipping From China To Amazon FBA – The Guide for New Startup Business

China has taken over the world with its huge manufacturing source and they are sourcing products to everyone around the world. When it comes to sourcing or drop shipping from china to Amazon, there are multiple things to be considered as the FBA is involved.

How To Drop Shipping Easily 

When it comes to shipping methods, there are four most commonly adopted approaches such as;

  • Sea
  • Train 
  • Express 
  • Air
  • Land

Your Step by Step Process of Drop Shipping 

Always Inspect Products

When you are buying something from the company, you are looking for value and profits but if the product isn’t in alignment with your business goals, it’s not going to do any good. There are multiple Amazon dealers who have a concept that China aligns with the legal requirements on their own. But this is not true. You need to check the intellectual property rights and see if there are any legal actions against them. If there are some conflicts, make sure they are removed or else, don’t work with them.

Product Price Timeline 

Every business agreement will have a variation in the product price. For instance, the price of a product might be ten bucks at the current time but they might increase the product price to 40 USD  in the coming three months. At the time of the agreement, you need to discuss these points as they can cause issues in the latter cases. Moreover, you need to manage logistics costs who will bear them.

Review Company Trust Level

If someone seems to have a good brand name or is offering services through a branded platform, it doesn’t speak anything for their credibility. You need to verify everyone and keep in mind that Amazon holds no responsibility if you are scammed. So, conduct your verification process rather than flying to China with a misconception that you will be able to capture the scam!

Myth Manufacturers Isn’t The Supplier

We understand that someone sent you the perfect product and the manufacturers seem to have control of the product designing. But there is no guarantee that they will be good suppliers. For instance, you can contact an agent that helps you with shipping and other aspects adhered to drop shipping.

Verify Manufacturing Process

To ensure that you are getting the right product and value for the money, it is essential to opt for the inspection process regarding product manufacturing. The best approach to implement is the obtain samples of one product before you place a bulk order 

Additional Tips for a successful drop shipping business

  • Make sure they are complying to the destination or your country’s shipping rules
  • Never pay the entire payment in advance, discuss with your sourcing agency locally in China
  • Always look for variety sources for suppliers
  • Shipment isn’t the sole responsibility to the shipper
  • Understand the time frame given by supplier because manufacturing takes time

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