Why you must consider a China sourcing agent for your new business startup

China is a great place if you want to import profitable goods to your country and grow your business. However, importing from China has never been easy, it involves many aspects and very time-consuming. Don’t worry, with a professional China sourcing expert, you can start your import business hassle free!

Why Do You Need A China Sourcing Agent?

Importing from China involves too many aspects, it is not an easy work especially for those startup individuals or companies who want to start his import business from China. If you can’t image all these works, a China sourcing agent is your friend.

Basically, a China sourcing agent is to source and identify the best products or suppliers based on the customers’ requirement, arrange quality checking and shipment without you worrying too much about it. A China sourcing agent can deal with all the import process on behalf of you, making your import business much easy.

Now, Let’s dive right in ….

Benefits of Hiring a China Sourcing?


Wide Range of Products Sources


A China sourcing agent has the local knowledge about the markets and a strong connection to many manufactures, can easily get you various and latest goods. This is also one of the biggest difference between a sourcing agent and factory, that a factory usually only supply limited product range, However, a China sourcing agent can source whatever products the customers need one time and budget since they are managing thousands of products in a whole.

✱ Reduce risks


With their local knowledge and experience, a China sourcing agent can immediately spot scams. They will help you to verify the factories and make sure they are 100% trustable before they recommend to you. Their works is to prevent you from any loss.

✱ Reduce Overall Expense

 Buying from China in person could be costly and time-consuming. A China sourcing agent help you in regard of the whole import process, so you don’t have to fly to China to visit or investigate the supplier. All these travel expenses actually cost a lot more than hiring a sourcing agent in China.

✱ Price Advantage

Believe it or not, most China sourcing agents may get a much better price against your own. Why? Because they can gather quantities from different customers together to ask for cheaper price from the suppliers. Since they have many local source channels, they will compare the prices from different suppliers before they give customer the best quote.

✱ Quality Control

Sourcing agent can visit factories and quality check in person. Actually, most of the goods shipped from China are without quality check from the customer themselves. This is often risky because if the customer receives any defect goods, it will cost so much and headache to send back the goods and have the suppliers resend them again.

It is always better to have a 3rd party inspector on behalf of the customer to do the quality check before goods are shipped to reduce risk of receiving defect goods.

✱ Shipping and Logistics Assist

China sourcing agent deal with logistic companies a lot, and often get better price from the logistics company if the sourcing agent is really deal a lot with them. No matter goods were purchased from wholesale markets or from the factory (some of the factories do not offer shipping service), they can collect goods and arrange shipment to any countries easily.

Some logistics companies are very tricky too, especially for newbie importer. The shipping company might quote you the freight cost which do not include any port landing management fee etc. So when the customer receive the goods from the custom, he will need to pay more extra which were not informed by the shipping company. With the help of the sourcing agent, customers can avoid all these unnecessary charges.

✱ Language Support

A good China sourcing agent must speak good English so that he can convey customers’ idea to the suppliers without any language barriers. Most of the time, they work as a Chinese to English interpreter and cultural navigator to ensure the message is not lost, and to help customers to develop a partnership with suppliers smoothly without influence of cultural difference.

If you are still not sure where and how to source the good products from China, Sinosourci is your best options. We are transparent and startup friendly, dedicated to offer the very best ALL-IN-ONE sourcing solution for small and medium startup companies who want to start import business from China.

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