7 Tips For Cross Border Marketing Growth – USA, Europe, UK, Australia

Global E-commerce today  is an expectation to achieving rapid growth.  Developing a China Product Sourcing Strategy in Marketing is an important part of any business but you probably already know that. But what about when you are marketing into different countries, or venturing in emerging markets? Can you use the same marketing strategy? No. You need to take into mind cultural differences along with language, religious, financial, and other differences that happen when you interact with different consumer purchase behavior.

To help you and your business expand team we are going to discuss 7 tips for cross border marketing and product sourcing.

Research Everything

Whether you are trying to strengthen your marketing in a country or just breaking into the country it is important to do your research. You want to know the demand for your product in the country if there is any. Most importantly though, you need to know what your product can do for the local people. Do this for every country that you plan to market in. Understand what are top selling products being sourced from China.

Know Trade Regulations

Along with research for marketing in each country, you need to know the regulations regarding your product and the regulations regarding marketing.  Exhibit best trade practices by visiting your local government trade agencies.

Uphold Your Branding

Your brand is important because it is how people get to know your product and company. As people see your marketing material and products, you build up brand recognition. It is important that you carry over as much of your brand into new countries as possible. 

Custom to Local Market

No matter what market you originate from it is important that you customize your ads to the local market and marketing strategies. From changing the names in your advertisements to accepting payment in the local currency, each detail you make will bring your product closer to the local market. Without catering to the local market your sales campaigns can run poorly.

Have A Great Marketing Plan

Every company that succeeds with their marketing has a plan. When it comes to cross border marketing you should have a plan for each country that you are going to sell in. The plan should address aspects such as how you are going to advertise, how you are going to change your material, to what your goals are. Most importantly, you should address how you are going to uphold your brand into the new country.

Hire a Professional Sourcing Agent

Marketing team members can have a wide variety of specialties. Not many specialize in cross border marketing. Having a business interpreter locally in the region who is trained  and speaks the language in this can make a big difference when it comes to raising sales and overcoming negotiations with local factories  to gain your market presence internationally. You can pay to have one of your own marketing members trained in this area but it is more effective to either hire a cross border marketing specialist or a local sourcing agent contractor that can fast track assistance overcoming local language barriers.

Trial Business Model Strategies


Take these seven tips to mind and you will quickly be building cross border marketing. It is important that you take cross border marketing seriously as one marketing plan will not work with every country. One of the most important steps you can take is to gain more knowledge in cross border marketing and you have already taken the first step in that direction.

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